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About us

Because we believe that electronics is shaping a new and a better world, we want to have it tailor-made to suit your needs. Mass produced in line with your desires. In a completely innovative and yet efficient way. When it matters.

We are Austrian owned, Serbia based company involved in electronic manufacturing services and contract manufacturing. We are a part of SIE Holding (System Industrie Electronic) which allows us to be globally present in Europe, America and the Far East.

If you have an electronic or electromechanical product that you want to become a serially produced reality, we are your partner.

We exist because we are driven to overcome challenges and make a positive difference. For you, our customers, our employees and for our environment.

We do not wait for the future. We are rather creating and shaping it...with you

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Prototype development and production
Design and certification confirmation
Development of test stations

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Production of spare quantities
Product care

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NPI and pre-production

Development of the production process
TS Maintenance
Risk management

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Mass production

Planning and material purchasing
Production (SMT, THT)
Logistics solutions

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Tagor electronic continuously expands its capacities, engages new talents, enabling a huge potential for career advancements.

Our corporate culture is fundamentally organized on the principles of synergy, trust and good communication within the sectors, as well as between departments. Teamwork is a basis of our success, and we are committed to make Tagor the best place to work and fulfil one's professional needs.

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