Wireless M-Bus

Open standard for Automatic Meter Reading at sub 1 GHz

Radiocrafts was first in the market with a family of miniature RF-modules with embedded wireless M-Bus protocol. Now we expand our wide portfolio with world's first 169 MHz 500mW RF module with exeptional range performance and unique features for battery operated gas- and water meters. 


   Feature set
 RC1180-MBUS1  RC1180-MBUS2  RC1180-MBUS3
 General  Basic wireless M-bus
 Added features for
 (The Netherlands)
 Added features for
 OMS compliance
 Network role  Master or Slave  Master or Slave Master, Slave or Repeater
 Modes  S1, S2, T1, T2, R2  T1, T2 (S and R2 non-standardized)  S1, S2, T1, T2 (R2 non-standardized)
 Encryption  Must be handled
 AES 128 according to
 NTA8130/DSMR (mode 4 and 5)
AES128 according to OMS specification (mode 4 and 5)
 Must be handled
According to
Up to 8 slaves
According to OMS. Up to 64 slaves
 Features Receives any MBUS- packet.
Message filtering must be handled externally
Filtering: Master can be set to only receive
messages from
Filtering: Automatic access number handling and accessibility check. Autonomous Repeater
 in T2
Must be handled
Auto-acknowledge by Master in T2 mode Automatic message generation and message mailbox in Master for T2 and S2 modes