Prototype development and production

Prototypes serve as the basis of serial production, designed in a laboratory setting and manufactured at industrial scale. The development team leverages its know-how and employs modern project software tools to realize the "pre-series", first and second prototype series.

Design and certification

Before the design is validated, the engineering team measures, collects, and analyzes the required characteristics of electronic assemblies. Prototypes are tested in accordance with standards required by certified bodies. Completion of the compatibility testing process is followed by the appropriate certificate.

Testing solutions development

In order to ensure the quality of our products, we design and develop test systems for programming, functional testing and final testing (ICSP, FCT and EOL Test). To implement test systems, we use the most advanced test platforms while we monitor the stability of the test process. This process consistently delivers 100% functional products.

NPI and pre-production

Development of the production process

This process involves improvements in efficiency and quality while using best suited technology. The other crucial steps include adopting new technology solutions as well as the quality of the change management process.

Maintenance of testing stations

Our process includes monitoring test station operation, detecting irregularities during testing and collecting reports. Test stations maintenance is a daily priority.

Risk management

Risk management includes the entire product lifecycle, including design and development, process planning, technical and technological analysis, procurement, production, verification, packaging and storage, sales and distribution, and market research.

Mass production

Material planning and procurement

As a member of SIE Holding, we have the assistance of SIE Hong Kong and SIE USA to source components that are hard to find. We will turn the world upside down to supply you with that missing component to complete your perfect BoM.

Production (SMT, THT)

Our vast experience has helped us develop a flexible and precise production process, based on high standards and modern technologies. Production is the core of our factory and we pay special attention to it. Whether SMT, THT, wave soldering or manual soldering, the approach and the principle are the same: production is organized so that the customer’s requirements are the purpose of our existence. Delivery must be on time and quality can’t be compromised. It’s this approach that our partners value the most and that keeps them coming back for more, making us a critical link in their supply chain.

Logistics solutions

On time delivery is the basis of the logistics solutions we apply. Our business philosophy puts special emphasis on the timeliness of our partners’ production and we pay great attention to appropriate ways of efficient delivery. Our logistics solutions include more than just transport, we cover the product path from the arrival of components, through the production process and all the way to the customer's warehouse.



Our service does not end with the delivery of the product. On the contrary, it could only be just starting. We will gladly arrange such a support concept to fully meet your needs.


With our quality assurance system, we strive to reduce the need for repairs to a minimum level. But when they’re necessary, our employees are trained and ready to perform precise repairs, even for the products not originally produced by Tagor.

Spare parts production

The spare quantities we produce for you will allow you to concentrate on your core business, knowing that your partners at Tagor are considering potential market turmoils and how to minimize them. After all, that's what the partners are for.

Product care

Your product is yours ... but together we can make a difference. We are here to add value to your product by focusing on things that matter: time and process optimization, new functionalities and cost-efectiveness.