Training center

In line with modern business needs, Tagor has a training centre: the “Electronic Manufacturing Academy”. The main goal is to provide employees at all levels the possibility of continuous improvement for specific work activities and with the application of proven learning methods created by world-renowned companies.

The trainings available are divided into several levels: basic, advanced and expert. In addition to production activities, courses for all managerial levels are available.

Modern learning methods are efficient and very accessible to employees, especially because we primarily use online learning. For more advanced levels, we organize ex-cathedra training with qualified trainers and lecturers, as well as practical hands-on workshops in simulated production conditions.

For employees already assigned to work tasks, periodic training is organized in order to refresh existing competencies and to acquire new ones through training led by experienced mentors.

An integral part of the training is an evaluation of the achieved results and certification after successfully completed training.

If you would like to learn more about our training methods, please visit this link.