Employee development

In a rapidly changing world and where the work dynamics is constantly accelerating, everyone must find a balance between who they are and what they want to achieve; both in their career and in their personal life.

We take great care to understand the needs of our employees and to meet those needs both in and out of the office. To that end we:

  • employ various forms of work and leisure,
  • encourage different opinions,
  • aim to keep sustainable and stable operations,
  • appreciate the commitment, creativity and enthusiasm of each individual

We do not limit ourselves by age, experience or any personal trait because we believe flexibility is one of our keys to success.

If we have encouraged you to apply for a vacancy at Tagor, you can do so below for open positions:

  • Operator on the SMT line
  • Welcome to the Tagor world of electronics!

    Because of the increased volume of work, we will need to fill in the following position:

    Operator, Level 1 – Operator on the SMT line

    (several employees), Location: Niš


    • Working and participating in everyday operations of production lines, performing the project setup,
      starting up production, tracking the functioning of the line
    • During the production process, the worker checks whether the processes take place properly in accordance with the appropriate documentation
    • Ensures that the required product quality is achieved in all processes
    • In case of non-compliance, stops the process, informs the Team Leader
    • Check and ensures that the equipment and material handling (PCB boards and components) are in accordance with the requirements of ESD protection


    • Technical school, preferably electrical engineering or mechanical engineering, IV-VI degree of the specialist’s training
    • Desirable 1 year of working experience in production or maintenance, but also possible without work experience
    • Necessary knowledge of English, elementary level (A1)
    • Basic knowledge of working on computer


    • Career in a manufacturing company that exports to the international market
    • Permanent training in a computer training center
    • Working in a dynamic and professional environment

    Deadline for applications: 31.12.2018.

    Email: hr@tagor.rs